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I have a car license, will I need to take the DSA theory test to take a motorbike test?

Yes. Everyone must take a motorbike theory test and CBT before they can take the motorbike practical test. The only exception is if you have already passed your moped or motorbike test in Shifnal and are aiming to ride a more powerful motorbike.

We can offer training aids and theory training advice regarding your motorbike lessons near Shifnal in Shropshire.

If I ride a automatic moped or motorbike for my DSA practical test near Shifnal will I be able to ride a manual motorbike?

Yes, provided that your comply with age and engine restrictions, you can ride any motorbike in Shifnal regardless of transmission unlike a car test.

Motorbike Lessons Shifnal

If you`re looking to obtain a motorbike license in Shifnal then the professional, DSA approved motorbike instructors can help you with your motorbike lessons in Shifnal.

The motorbike instructors can help you with all aspects of motorbike lessons in Shifnal from learning to ride a motorbike via CBT training all the way up to your motorbike test and beyond with the enhanced rider scheme.

The motorbike instructors near Shifnal use high quality motorbikes or mopeds during your motorbike lessons and we offer safety equipment and insurance during your motorbike lessons for your peace of mind.

Regardless of your motorbike lesson requirements in Shifnal, be it a structured hourly motorbike lesson or a intensive motorbike course, the trained motorbike instructors can help you with your motorbike lessons.

Contact us today via the motorbike lessons form for further information or to book your motorbike lessons in Shifnal. We will then contact you back shortly to discuss your motorbike lessons.

Professional Motorbike Lessons Shifnal in Shropshire

We have a network of professional motorbike schools throughout the UK including Shifnal in Shropshire for motorbike lessons.

The DSA checked motorbike instructors have years worth of motorbike training experience in teaching all types of riders in Shifnal the various skills needed to ride a motorbike during the motorbike lessons.

We will make you feel safe and confident during your motorbike lessons in Shifnal because we can offer:

• There are no more than 2 riders per motorbike instructor in a secure training environment for motorbike lessons
• Well maintained, high quality motorbikes of various engine sizes suitable for all types of motorbike lessons
• Protective clothing on loan during your motorbike lessons including safety helmets and gloves
• Insurance for your peace of mind during your motorbike lessons at our modern facilities
• Motorbike lesson prices which are great value for money

Depending upon your age, there are certain restrictions regarding if you can ride a moped or motorcycle in Shifnal and what size engine your motorbike can have if applicable.

Age 16 (category P)
After CBT completed, motorbike riders are limited to a 50cc moped and no faster than 50kph (31mph) on motorbike learning plates whilst riding in Shifnal. You are not allowed to ride on a motorway as well.

Age 17 (category A)
After CBT completed, motorbike riders can upgrade to a 125cc motorbike with a maximum power of 14.6 BHP on motorbike learning plates. You can also apply for full motorbike licence in Shifnal up to 33 BHP or take the A1 lightweight motorbike test which will let you ride a 125cc motorbike with no motorbike learning plates.

Age 21 (category A)
You are able to take the full direct access course. (taken on a bike that produces at least 46.6 BHP) once the DSA motorbike test has been passed you can then ride any size of motorcycle with no restriction on motorbike horsepower in Shifnal.

The motorbike lessons are structured around the students so we can offer various types of motorbike lessons in Shifnal from structured hourly motorbike lessons, to motorbike intensive courses so that you can obtain a motorbike license.

For further information on professional motorbike lessons in Shifnal, simply contact us via the motorbike lessons form regarding your motorbike lesson requirements in Shifnal. We will then contact you back shortly regarding your motorbike lessons.

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