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What do I need to wear during my motorbike training in Leominster?

You will need to wear sensible clothing, we suggest jeans and boots or trainers. Strictly no shorts, sandals or flip-flops as our motorbike instructors adhere to UK legal safety requirements.

For further information regarding the DSA policy on motorbike clothing, please visit the motorbike links page.

What type of motorbike licence do I need for motorbike training in Leominster?

You will require one of the following to undertake any motorbike training:

• UK Provisional Licence (Both photo card and paper counterpart)
• UK Full Car Licence (Both photo card and paper counterpart)
• EU Licence (With a UK paper counterpart)

If you do not yet have a motorbike license, please visit the motorbike links page for useful motorbike information.

Motorbike Training Leominster

If you`re wanting to ride a moped or motorbike and are near Leominster then the DSA checked motorbike instructors can help you ensure that your motorbike training near Leominster is professional and safe.

We have professional, DSA approved motorbike instructors throughout the UK including Leominster, in dedicated motorbike training schools and facilities to provide comprehensive and effective motorbike lessons regardless of your experience in riding a motorbike near Leominster.

We can provide high quality, well maintained motorbikes, insurance and all necessary safety equipment. We offer motorbike lessons structured around student needs and requirements near Leominster.

To book your motorbike lessons with a professional motorbike instructor near Leominster, simply fill in the motorbike form with your contact details and motorbike lessons required. We will then contact you back shortly to discuss your motorbike lesson needs and your nearest motorbike driving school.

Advanced Motorbike Training Leominster, Herefordshire

We have large motorbike driving schools throughout the UK including Leominster in Herefordshire providing professional moped lessons and motorbike lessons to all types of students with various motorbike requirements.

We teach all aspects of motorbike lessons from the theory test to the CBT and practical so that you can ride a wide range of motorbikes of various engine sizes.

We can provide compulsory basic training (CBT) as we are a approved training body (ATB) near Leominster that has:

• Sites near Leominster approved by DSA for off-road motorbike training
• Motorbike instructors approved by the DSA

The experienced, DSA approved motorbike instructors near Leominster are trained to teach all types of motorbike lessons and courses such as:

• Motorbike Lessons Leominster
• CBT Leominster
• Direct Access Leominster
• Motorbike Courses Leominster

These are just some of the professional motorbike lessons that the modern driving schools near Leominster can provide. The motorbikes are all well maintained and road worthy. We have no hidden costs with competitive motorbike lesson prices for students near Leominster and we offer insurance and professional safety equipment for your peace of mind.

Useful information for motorbike training and lessons can be found on the motorbike links page.

For further information on motorbike lessons near Leominster, simply fill in the motorbike lessons form and we will contact you back shortly to discuss your motorbike lesson requirements near Leominster.

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Recent Enquires

i have a full drivers license.


none absolute beginner.


hi looking to do my cbt between 3rdand6th january...


looking to complete my cbt on moped or scooter not sure what is difference between the two looking for something whithin the next couple of weeks. thanks


i am 18 years old can i do my full bike licence with a bike limited to 33bhp


35 years old looking to get lessons i live in westfield cumbernauld


hi i have been riding motorbike in south africa but now want to get my license. would you be able to help me pleasebwmarius


i am 46 yrs old.i have been riding 125cc vespa scooters since 1998.i passed my test in licence showsa1 x x codes 70ch 78a x x codes 79 trii also have a full car licence b. since 1984i would like to ride a 300cc vespa. i think i need an a2 licence id like to obtain my licence in as short a period as possible i.e. happy to do an intensive course.can you let me know what is the best way to proceedlooking forward to hearing from you.daniel minneyweybridge


im looking to see how much it would be to do my cbt and what would i need i.e provisional etc.