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Do you provide a motorbike for the direct access scheme?

We have high quality, roadworthy bikes which fulfil the direct access requirements. We are fully insured for your peace of mind during your direct access training in Dorking.

Do you book my theory or practical test in Dorking for direct access?

You will need to book your theory and practical tests with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) The trained motorbike instructors near Dorking will make sure you are ready for the practical test beforehand.

Direct Access Dorking

If your aged 24 or over and you live near Dorking then you can choose to take a direct access course, so that you can ride a larger motorbike instead of waiting 2 years on your current motorbike license in Dorking. The DSA approved motorbike instructors offer Direct Access or DAS (Direct Access Scheme) to motorbike riders throughout the country including Dorking at the modern motorbike training centres.

The direct access prices are cost competitive and the direct access scheme training courses for motorbike riders near Dorking in Surrey are designed to suit your requirements in regards to motorbike riding.

The motorbike instructors will consider your experience in riding a motorbike in Dorking so that the direct access scheme experience is more enjoyable. We offer direct access courses for in Dorking such as intensive DAS courses or DAS lessons taken over a longer period of time so that your daily routine isn`t disrupted too much.

To arrange your direct access course, just fill in the direct access form for further information on the direct access scheme and the direct access courses that we can offer you in Dorking.

New laws regarding Direct Access Dorking came into effect on January 2013.

Please look at our our Guide to Riding A Motorbike Or Moped page for further details

Direct Access Course Dorking,Surrey

The Direct Access Scheme allows you to take a DSA test near Dorking that leads to a motorbike licence allowing you to officially ride a motorbike without engine size or power requirements (motorbike riders must be over 24).

Prior to participating in a direct access course, you will require a valid CBT certificate and a UK motorbike license. In order to take the direct access test near Dorking you will need to have passed the DSA motorbike theory test. The professional motorbike instructors can provide advice in regards to your theory test.

For further information on motorcycling please visit the motorbike links page.

If you fulfil all the requirements for that direct access course, then the experienced DSA approved motorbike instructors are here to help you with your motorbike riding requirements.

The DAS test near Dorking consists of two modules and the experienced motorbike instructors will wish you to pass these modules on your first attempt. Although this is not guaranteed, the motorbike instructors have lots of experience teaching all types of motorbike riders from Dorking in regards to direct access scheme courses.

DAS training can be completed on your own motorbike (over 47bhp) however we would recommend the use of a training school motorbike at the large motorbike training centres near Dorking. DAS courses are available at times suited to your daily routine in Dorking and are scheduled to suit every individual. The direct access scheme prices are very competitive and based upon rider requirements near Dorking in Surrey.

If you do want to contact us regarding direct access training near Dorking, why not use the direct access form and we can contact you back shortly to discuss your DAS requirements in Dorking.

Recent Enquires

hi i would like to do a direct access course but incorporate the cbt in it if poss. i not ridden a bike for a year.


i am thinking of doing my motobike test im 32 and own a full uk car licence i did have a scooter years ago and done a cbt but i think things have chaged since but i would like to pass on a big bike but im trying to get some prices on how much this would cost me for a weeks intensive any information would be greatfull i have had a look around and i wasnt shure what would be best eather me buy a 125cc myself and do cbt and do my test ect that way or just rent out a bike


hi could you give me more details on how to get my full motorcycle licence please also do i have to do a cbt course and if so do you do this course thanks sean


i also need to do my c b t


hi .can you please quote a price for the aboveregardsmark


hi i would like some info on the availability of a direct access course at the start of april near sherborne. i have only done cbt so far. many thanks amy


i would like to know the price of the dac. i would require bike and gear.many thanks.


hi there im 32 years old i got my bike licence since i was 18 in turkish i got full uk licance however i would like to get a quotation from you and how to pay etc


just looking for a quote for the whole course. never done cbt before or anything and just want to know what the price would be to learn and sit all test required. ta