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What type of motorbike will I be able to ride once I have completed my CBT training near Runcorn?

When your CBT certificate is issued, you will be entitled to ride any scooter or motorcycle up to a 125cc with a power output of up to 14.6bhp in Runcorn for 2 years. If you are 16 years old you will only be able to ride a 50cc moped that is restricted to 30mph in Runcorn.

Do I need to take a theory test before taking my CBT training near Runcorn?

No, a theory test is only required for a full motorbike licence and not for CBT training in Runcorn.

I have passed my CBT near Runcorn. What are my choices?

Once you have passed your CBT in Runcorn you have 2 years to apply for

• A1 Motorcycle Licence (125 cc limit - allowed to have passenger | motorways)
• A2 Motorcycle Licence (33 bhp limit - allowed to have passenger | motorways)
• Direct Access (any engine limit - allowed to have passenger | motorways)

Please note that compulsory basic training is the first step to become a fully fledged rider. The team behind www.themotorbikelessons.co.uk can help with the above tests as well.

CBT Runcorn

Looking for a CBT test centre covering Runcorn? The friendly staff can you help with CBT needs near Runcorn.

If your wanting to ride a motorbike or moped in Runcorn, you will need to undergo CBT (compulsory basic training). CBT is not a test but is in fact a training course which you will need to complete in most cases before you can initially ride a motorbike or a moped in Runcorn.

Only ATB (approved training bodies) approved by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) can teach CBT and the requirements for being a ATB near Runcorn include:

• Checks of motorbike instructors by the DSA
• Sites approved by the DSA for off-road motorbike training

We have modern CBT test centres throughout the UK which are near Runcorn with DSA approved motorbike instructors ready to teach you all aspects the CBT course to a safe standard. We offer during your CBT training near Runcorn:

• Insurance and fuel costs covered by the cost of the CBT course for your peace of mind.
• High quality, easy to learn motorbikes or mopeds available with auto or manual transmission during your CBT training.
• Safety equipment such as safety helmet and gloves which comply with UK standards.
• Four learners to every trainer during on-site elements for the CBT near Runcorn.
• Two learners to every trainer during on-road elements for the CBT near Runcorn.
• CBT prices with no hidden charges or costs.

We offer CBT courses for students near Runcorn as either individual packages or as part of a larger motorbike lessons course which can help you secure a full motorbike license.

Once you`ve have completed the CBT you will be able to book the DSA theory test and motorbike practical test to become a fully fledged rider.

Regardless of your CBT requirements near Runcorn, the professional motorbike instructors are here to help. Simply fill in the CBT form with your contact details and CBT requirements. We will contact you back shortly to discuss your CBT training near Runcorn.

CBT Courses Runcorn,Cheshire

CBT primary objective is to raise road safety awareness to new and returning motorbike riders, therefore reducing motorbike accidents across the country including Runcorn and Cheshire.

Compulsory basic training was introduced 1990 and its current standard was established in 1996.

Anyone who wishes to ride a motorbike on the road in Runcorn must successfully complete the CBT course. Once you have completed your CBT training near Runcorn you will be allowed to ride a motorbike of up to 125cc on the road unaccompanied with learning plates in Runcorn for up to 2 years after a CBT (DL196) certificate is issued. Motorbike riders aged 16 years old in Runcorn are restricted to riding a moped not exceeding 30 miles per hour.

If you`re looking to ride a moped or motorcycle in the UK including Runcorn in Cheshire then you need to take compulsory basic training. Even if you have a driving license before the 1st February 2001 you will only be allowed to ride a moped in Runcorn and the DSA recommends that you still undergo CBT.

There are five elements to the CBT course. Your motorbike instructor near Runcorn will only allow you to pass a element that they feel you are confident and safe on that aspect of the CBT course.

CBT training typically takes a day in Runcorn and will include:

A. Introduction
At the end of this element you should understand the purpose and content of CBT.

B. Practical on-site training
You won`t start riding the motorbike in this element, but you`ll get hands-on training by the professional motorbike instructors near Runcorn.

C. Practical on-site riding
In this element you`ll begin riding a motorbike near Runcorn - by the end you`ll be able to ride a motorbike under control.

D. Practical on-road training
This element will cover the information you need to ride legally and safely on the road near Runcorn.

E. Practical on-road riding
You`ll ride out on the road near Runcorn with a certified motorbike trainer for at least two hours via radio.

If your CBT is due for renewal after 2 years we also offer CBT courses suitable for your motorbike riding needs near Runcorn.

Once you`ve passed your CBT you can apply for DSA theory test and motorbike practical test near Runcorn.

For further information on CBT training near Runcorn, simply fill in the CBT form with your contact details and we will contact you back shortly to discuss your CBT requirements near Runcorn.

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